Storme Thompson

Hi I am Storme, I have lived in beautiful Bath for 17 years and have over 20 different small group Nordic Walking routes in and around Bath, we walk all over the Bath area, Bath Centre, Bathwick Hill and around Widcombe, Sham Castle, Rainbow Woods, Lansdowne Racecourse. I absolutely love introducing people to Nordic Walking and teaching the technique as it is fun, super easy to learn and gives instant results. I provide poles for the Learn To Nordic Walk. It’s great Fitness, helps you stay aligned and balanced and turns your walk into a workout depending on the level of course.

After you have learned the technique you are then in a position to get your own set of Poles or for your first few group walks you may prefer to borrow mine and try the different types of Poles available and choose which type suits you best before buying your own. Are you gloves/no gloves? Carbon/Aluminium?

The walks are graded, easy moderate and challenging. The gradient is also outlined whether a flat walk, moderately hilly or once again challenging. All walks of course have COVID protocols in place and are fully risk assessed.v