Storme Thompson

Hi I am Storme, I discovered Nordic Walking almost by accident and was convinced immediately.

I have lived in beautiful Bath for 16 years.

I have 3 children aged 17, 15 and 11 and a dog called Mojo.

I love being outdoors and prefer exercising outdoors.

I came away from my ‘Learn to Nordic Walk’ wondering why anybody would walk without poles?

In addition to that everybody I have met through Nordic Walking has been extremely positive, encouraging and super friendly in a genuine way. I firmly believe we can stay younger and healthier for longer with Nordic Walking.

As a Pilates teacher – I am passionate about functional movement to help remain injury free and as a regular mountain biker, runner and dog walker – I have been exploring our gorgeous city and surrounding areas for quite some time and never stop marvelling at our stunning views both urban and country.

After 17 years I still get excited that here in Bath one can be looking at stunning historical architecture one moment and minutes later we are in beautiful green country side – we are spoilt for walking choice in and around our world heritage city.